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“This Tuli quote

Nobody who lived through the 50s thought the 60s could’ve existed. So there’s always hope.

is from me. He was an old friend and I interviewed him for a Fugs profile for MOJO magazine. When he died I wrote his obit for MOJO and ended with that quote.

Whether wholly accurate or not, it gives me a boost during bad times, which has been always as of late. I’ve lost count of the folks who’ve referenced it.”

Michael Simmons

New pics 11/12.  (If you don’t see any thumbnails here, this link should work.)

Ludivine Sagnier in “la rûche”:

Zbeida Belhajamor in “une histoire d’amour et de désire”:

Mathilde Roehrich in “le sens de la famille”:

Christiane Millet in “le sens de la famille”:

Ana Neborac in “Gloria”:

Gaelle Lebert in “HP”:

Esther Van Den Driesche in “un si grand soleil”:

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