The Senate has already passed an absolutely identical version, so the bill goes to Biden for the final step, and he will certainly sign it.

Note: That’s the one that everyone likes, even the GOP. It passed the senate 69 to 30. Elsewhere, the Democratic moderates and progressives are still squabbling, trying to finalize the social programs bill that began with a three trillion dollar price tag and is now hovering at about half of that – if it ever passes at all.

The amazing thing about this: after all the wrangling, whipping and hand-wringing, the Democrats did NOT have enough votes to pass it. Six Democrats voted against it, therefore it would have been defeated 215-219 if the GOP had held the line.

It passed because 13 Republicans broke ranks to vote “yea.” The rest of the Republicans, at least the Trumpiest ones, are very upset at those turncoats.

They were rated #3 in the country by the high sheriffs of the royal, august and sanctified playoff committee, but were knocked off that lofty perch by Purdue. That is the second time this year that Purdue has defeated a team in the top four. (They beat Iowa when the Hawkeyes were inexplicably rated #2 in the AP poll.)

Remember last week when I marveled at an implausible top ten that included Wake Forest at #9? Well, balance has been restored to the universe. Wake Forest not only lost, but they did it in grand style by allowing an unranked team to score 58 points.

Several other ranked teams lost this week: #12 Baylor, #13 Auburn, #17 Mississippi State, #18 Kentucky, #20 Minnesota and #23 Fresno State. Fresno State really went the extra mile to demonstrate that they didn’t belong among the big kids by being on the wrong side of a 40-14 shellacking.

I didn’t make that up. It’s a thing.

As I’ve noted many times, if you want to be sure of a great spectator sport, make sure your viewing choice begins with “women’s beach …” You think I’m kidding?

Perhaps not.

Here’s my hypothetical quandary: I have no DVR available, and my options are the Super Bowl and the women’s beach Chutes and Ladders league – La Jolla, California on the road against the national team from Thailand. Easy choice. Tom Brady again? No. Phucket.