Duchess Camilla told people that President Biden farted in front of her

I thought he was trying to reduce gas emissions

12 thoughts on “Duchess Camilla told people that President Biden farted in front of her

    1. The source of this nonsense is a guest on Newsmax. No confirmation from any other sources.
      “to be honest’, my ass.

      1. That DOES sound like a steaming pile of Tucker Carlson. But if it were true, it would be a tossup which is the bigger deal. Cool Pope Frank – “Eh, who am I to judge? Shit happens.” Some pampered in-bred half-German twat – “Egad, Charles! That Yank deliberately let one fly! Why, people aren’t even supposed to SAY ‘fart’ in front of me!”

  1. steven, if you think Trump had a better grasp of reality than Biden does, I want to sell you some oceanfront real estate in Arizona. It’s what Trump would want someone like you to do, at least if he was selling it.

  2. Boy, the royals, as well as being “pampered, joyless, souless sybarites” (per Uncle Scoopy) also seem to have a total lack of class. Which is ironic, I guess, but what isn’t nowadays?

    1. Minor correction. I didn’t say that about the actual royals, but about the characters in the movie Spencer. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that portrayal, as I know too little about their real-life counterparts.

      And god willing, I will never have so much free time that I actually research the royals to verify the accuracy of that film. I would rather be forced to binge-watch Beat Bobby Flay.

  3. People didn’t really vote for Joe Biden. They voted against Donald Trump.

    Those people who went to the polls to vote FOR a candidate preferred Trump 53-46, but those who voted AGAINST a candidate preferred Biden 68-30. The entire election was a referendum on whether love for Donald Trump was greater than or less than hate for Donald Trump. Biden was, more or less, an innocent bystander, a bland guy with so few positives or negatives that the election was like having the two levers say “Trump” and “not Trump.”

    The place where that really showed up was in first-time voters. Among those who had voted in previous presidential elections, Trump and Biden split the vote 49-49, but the first-time voters preferred Biden by the overwhelming margin of 64-32. That “new voter” list represented 22 million people, and they preferred Biden by a count of 14 million to 7 million. That seven million differential was the entire difference between the candidates.

    1. Biden won the Democratic nomination because he was seen as a moderate and because of his association with the Obama administration. The loudest and most active segment of the Democratic Party are the Bernie Bros and the very very woke. But I think the majority of Democrats believe (correctly in my opinion) that they are too extreme to appeal to the moderates and independents necessary to win national elections. Incontinence and uncontrolled flatulence are things that happen to people of a certain age. Does that mean Biden is too old to be president? I don’t know. It isn’t the condition of his bowels that matter but his brain. But Biden definitely seems to have had his wits dulled, at least a little.

      In 1994, Bill Clinton was very unpopular. For the first time in 40 years the Republican Party captured the House. It hadn’t been 40 years since they controlled the Senate but they captured that too. In the wake of the midterms, most people thought Clinton would lose reelection. But losing Congress, was the best thing that could have happened to him personally. Instead of being pulled to the left by liberal majorities, he was pulled to the center. He could position himself as a brake on the extreme radical Republicans. He was reelected.

      Biden may be able to do the same thing. I do worry about his (physical and mental) fitness to be president. Will those concerns convince Biden not to run in 2024? Will they lead to Biden being the first president to lose a renomination fight? Will he have a serious challenger? My understanding is that no president who endured a serious primary challenge has ever won the general election.

      Any partisan that wants their party’s nominee to win faces a dilemma in the wish department. Do you wish for the opposing party to nominate the most extreme candidate because they will be the easiest to beat? The dilemma is of course, what happens if they win? Lots of Democrats were rooting for the Gipper to get the 1980 Republican nomination. I think Biden is beatable. I really want the Republican nominee to win in 2024, so long as that nominee isn’t Trump. The reasons Trump should not be allowed to be president again are legion. But to bring my little mini-rant back to the subject of this post, if Trump runs you know he is going to make Biden’s rumoured crapping in his pants a subject of ridicule, perhaps not in the debates, but in his rallies. But he may well mock Biden for it in the debates as well.

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