Sophia Urista pees on an audience member – HD video

The incident happened last Thursday at the Welcome to Rockville festival in Daytona Beach. She was performing as the lead singer for Brass Against, a group that performs brass + sax versions of heavy metal songs. Yeah, that’s right: trombones, trumpets, even a sousaphone. To get the idea, imagine Black Sabbath played by a high school marching band.

Many people have called Sophia’s act disgusting, but I just see it as a continuation of a venerable musical tradition. I can remember when Steve and Edie would both piss on the same audience member as their grand finale, and who can forget when Tony Bennett stood on stage and left more than his heart in San Francisco. And of course, in their Vegas days, Sinatra frequently took a shit on Joey Bishop on the main stage at Caesar’s Palace.

Here’s a non-disgusting screen grab of her after the pee, before pulling her pants up.

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8 thoughts on “Sophia Urista pees on an audience member – HD video

  1. Didn’t read the link but a little follow up:

    The band have made it clear: they didn’t know it was gonna happen, they’re pissed (pun intended) that it happened, they apologized, and it’ll never ever happen again. They aren’t that kind of band, etc etc.

    Ticket sales are through the roof, though it may be short lived. Nascar has already knee-jerk banned them from ever playing at any of their facilities. Sounds silly, but a lot of these multi day fests happen at raceways so they just lost a ton of cash over this.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see them fire her over this. It’d be a smart move. That was an extremely stupid thing to do. Likely illegal, could have put her and the entire band in jail, could have gotten them sued by the promoter, could have gotten the entire EVENT shut down by backwater law enforcement. All because she was drunk/stoned and decided to engage in a fetish in front of a festival crowd.

    They’re a really, really new, minor league band. That could very well have been career suicide.

    1. Greg Puciato of the Dillinger Escape Plan at a music festival in England took a shit on stage. He then threw some of it at the audience and smeared the rest on himself. He didn’t care for some of the other bands playing at the festival.

      It almost got DEP banned from England but they weren’t and they lasted 15 more years.

      I think Sophia Urista will be fine. She also has a much nicer ass than Greg Puciato.

    2. They are not a “really, really new” band. They have been performing together for at least four years (based on when their first YouTube music video has been posted) and have done live performances for at least three years.
      While they may not be well-known, they are hardly brand new.

      1. Four years is nothing, and this is their first decent sized tour. She was a contestant on a reality singing show not that many years ago. They’re a novelty band. (brass covers of metal songs)

        Now she’s apologized, too,and part of that was (and there it is) “we’re not a shock band.”

        Dillinger Escape Plan? Extreme metal band.

        These guys do fun brass covers of your favorite metal songs.

        They can’t afford to get mixed up in the GG Allin file or its over. Because yes, they are VERY new. They’ve got zero hit songs, zero hit albums, and are only touring because people like Rage Against The Machine liked them on social media. It could end very, very quickly. That’s how the music industry works. (I’ve been in and around it for 30+ years, I’m not just a random pervo talking about naked famous people.) Unless they’ve got a super powerful manager or a band member related to someone very wealthy or famous, it’s time to do what they’ve been doing and eat enough humble pie to choke a donkey.

        But to give you an idea of where they are on the totem pole, their next gig is at St Vitus in NYC which is a tiny metal/punk room. They ain’t selling out halls and theaters.

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